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One BYTE is all it takes

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Above all, VanillaTech is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Heidelberg, Gauteng. We provide wireless, fibre, and airfibre internet solutions to home and business clients. Most importantly we assist with setting up WiFi coverage to meet your requirements. To see our amazing offerings, please see our packages and pricing here. One BYTE is all it takes

As a local company in Heidelberg, our support team is always nearby to assist with any queries. Our support and admin teams are available via WhatsApp or by contacting our office during office hours. See more. Our clients are the heart of our business and keeping their internet connected is our main priority.


In addition, we enjoy being part of our community by offering our services to various events in and around Heidelberg. We are proud to offer WiFi at the Velliefees which is hosted near Heidelberg, the Western Race For Hope in aid of Lesedi Community Centre, and various other events.


However, our footprint is not just limited to Heidelberg. We have coverage in our neighboring towns of Nigel and Balfour. As a growing company, we strive to build a solid foundation in new areas before expanding. We are always looking for opportunities to expand our services.


VanillaTech has been providing internet service since 2016. What makes us unique is that we are not a reseller for an existing internet service provider but we own our internet. We are registered with ICASA and a proud member of WAPA. As a member of WAPA we subscribe to their code of conduct – See more.

As is with most companies in Heidelberg, we face the same challenges like theft and load-shedding. We are proud to confirm that our connections stay unaffected by load-shedding up to stage 6 and beyond – Internet wireless fibre

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