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What Line Speed do I need?

2.5Mbps: Good all-round internet use for you and your family. It's a fast connection at a very affordable price and ideal for a small family.

5Mbps: Delivering faster internet at a great price for up to 2-3 simultaneous users, 5Mbps is ideal for online videos, social media and online calls.

10Mbps: You'll enjoy a excellent internet experience with 10Mbps, the perfect deal for media-rich data, viewing online videos in High Definition and fast downloads. 

15Mbps: Enjoy blistering fast internet. At full speed, 15 Mbps can download a HD movie in under 10 minutes. Ideal for a web-connected lifestyle. 

Why Chose VanillaTech Internet?

No hidden fees. Easy installation and instant activation. Its that simple.

   VanillaTech offers innovative internet solutions.

             Our internet is fast, secure and reliable.                 

Install Cost?

High Power Install: R3,850 Once OR R790 * 6months.

Standard Install: R2850 OR R590 *6months.

Install Includes?

  • High Power WIFI router.
  • Surge Shielded Data Cable.
  • Latest Generation Receiver.
  • Galvanized Bracket.
  • Configuration and installation.
  • Warranty.