Vanillatech provides the repair of high value and discontinued electrical cards. This includes everything from computing chips, inverters, UPS systems,  industrial controllers, CNC drivers ,to high voltage electrical control systems. 

Pricing is calculated based on the replacement value of the electrical device and

availability of replacement components at international suppliers. 

Single items booked for repair need to have a minimum replacement value of ZAR 5,000. 

Less is allowed if multiple of the same item is to be repaired. 

Our repairs have a 12 months warranty.

Pricing Model.

(Actual Pricing may vary, this is true for majority of repairs)

Card Value Repair Cost (% of new)
R1000-R5,000  40-50% 
R,5000-R20,000 30-40% 
R20,000-R100,000 20-30% 
R100,000+ 15-25%

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