Get access to a backup service that does not use your internet connection

In the modern age data is everything. Losing your personal or business data is not something you can afford.

 We are here to help! 

  • Secure
    Using SSL security, your company’s files are encrypted, transferred through Secure Socket Layers (SSL).
  • Fast
    VanillaTech optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows,never slowing down Internet  speed.
  • Smart
    VanillaTech preserves your internet. Our system knows  you are  a VanillaTech client, allowing you the use of out network for backups at no additional cost.

  • Unlimited File Size
  • Unlimited File Types
  • High Backup Speeds
  • Automated Process
  • Realtime Sync
  • No Internet data used 
  • SSL encryption

Please note that a once off equipment purchase quote is to be provided after determing the excact needs of the client.