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The Mission

Automated Payment gateway. Easily managed and automated payments.

Time Saving Innovation.  

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Business Prioritized, Home Energized, Game Optimized. Internet that is civilized.

Our services ought to be simple, reliable, high-quality, healthy and of course, super fast!

Our mission is to empower our clients with a high-speed, modern network service that goes beyond the provision of Internet. 

We aim to provide a secure, fast, and integrated giant local network with infinite possibilities. 

Security systems, low cost telecommunication, gaming infrastructure and VPN's that run on a separate layer than your internet connection, now becomes possible. 

We want to suit the needs of our clients without emptying the wallets. Determination, Dedication, Experience and Innovation are what VanillaTech is powered by.
We also offer a helping hand to the well-being of the community by partnering with local associations to provide further exclusive services.